Real Life Examples of Newton's First Law

Chiaki Otsuka:
Newton's First Law of Motion

Understanding that under the First law, an object remains the same state unless an external factor affects it, let's apply to our real life example using a marble. As it is shown in the picture, if there is a ramp going down, a marble will then speed up rolling down. On the other hand, if there is a ramp going up, a marble will then slowly move up. However, if the surface was horizontal, a marble will solely keep on moving forward without speeding up slowing down. This shows that an object (a marble) remains in the same state of motion unless an external force (either uphill ramp or downhill ramp) affects it.

As previously explained, Newton's first law states that an object will remain at its own velocity unless acted upon by an external force.
A real life example of this is the simple game Air Hockey. In this game a puck is set into motion by one person hitting it (achieving a specific velocity) and then another person at the other end applying another force on the puck, changing the initial velocity (friction is ignored due to the puck being levitated on the surface by air ventilation).
- Hadi Rawas

Air Hockey Table